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Program Guide | 2024 Taiwan Film Festival Berlin Documentaries: Professions #TffbDoc.Professions

Updated: Apr 25

With the great sponsorship of the TAIWAN FILM & AUDIOVISUAL INSTITUTE and TAIWAN DOCS (Taiwan documentary overseas promotion project), and the support of the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and the Taipei Representative Office in Germany, we are excited to announce the 1st Taiwan Film Festival Berlin Documentaries: Professions will launch on the 26th April 2024 at Kino Central Berlin.
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2024 TffbDoc. Professions Timetable

April 26 (Fri)

18:00  A Holy Family Lu A-Liang | 2022 | Color | 88’ | Taiwanese (Min Nan), Mandarin

After 24 years of absence, director A-Liang Lu returns home to his family in a rural area of southwestern Taiwan, when his mother warns him of her deteriorating health. Having to once again face their stubborn superstition, A-Liang films his journey through mutual understanding, reconciliation and family bonds.

April 27 (Sat) 

Su Ming-yen | 2022 | Color | 85’ | Mandarin

In a Taiwanese sex-doll hotel, glimpses of the workers’ lives and a haunting disembodied monologue reverberate.

13:00  On the Train
Hsiao Chu-chen | 2023 | Color | 106’ | Mandarin

The railroad weighs up our journeys of growing-up, witnessing all the comings and goings of the people on the line. The "Breezing Blue" train service has come to an end, once more filling the lonely Nan-hui railroad with the people and their memories, to bid its last farewell.

April 28 (Sun)

13:00  Diamond Marine World  Huang Hsiu-yi | 2022 | Color | 155’ | Taiwanese (Min Nan), Mandarin, Burmese

After surviving a Ponzi scheme resulting from an information gap in Myanmar, a Taiwanese shrimp farmer, Du, collaborates with a local Chinese-Burmese, Su, to keep his shrimp business going. It is a story about how they work from the beginning to the end.

May 02 (Thu)

19:00  After Passing Away Angel Su | 2022 | Color | 118’ | Taiwanese (Min Nan), Mandarin

Yang San-eii has never owned a home, nor does he plan to join the debt game now. At the age of 50, he decides instead to construct one with his own energy and time, and opts for traditional Japanese-style carpentry that omits the need for nails.


May 03 (Fri)

13:00  The Woman Carrying the Prey  Rngrang.Hungul | 2023 | Color | 69’ | Mandarin, Seedig

As winter approaches, Heydi takes her nephew to the hunting ground to explore new trails. During hunting season, Heydi shows her nephew her hunting world, on the land she has guarded for a lifetime.

Location: Taipeh Vertretung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Markgrafenstraße 35, Berlin)

Cost: 0 EUR


May 04 (Sat)

10:00  Manfei  Chen Hwai-eng | 2017 | Color | 120’ | Mandarin

This is a story of deep yearning that introduces the life of a wonderful dancer and a great friend and teacher: Lo Man-fei. Major modern dance companies, such as Martha Graham, Pina Bausch and Hofesh Shechter, all recognize Taiwan’s standing in the dance world.

13:00  Reel Taiwan

Female Workers behind the Taiwan
MiracleWu Yii-feng | 1986 | Color | 22’ | Mandarin

Film Poster Painters
Wang Shaudi | 1986 | Color | 22’ | Mandarin

Greasy Hands (Auto Mechanics)
Wu Yii-feng | 1986 | Color | 22’ | Mandarin

Disco DJ
Yu Chien-yu | 1986 | Drama | Color | 22’ | Mandarin


May 05 (Sun)

Lu Yuan-chi | 2019 | Color | 63’ | Taiwanese (Min Nan), Mandarin

Some movie superheroes save movies. They lug dollies of film reels up and down elevators. They crack open canisters adhered through decades of chemical synthesis. They have the uncanny nose for the smell of vinegar - that olfactory sign of expiration lurking beneath the celluloid corner. They are film archivists, protectors of cultural legacies.

Hsiao Chu-chen | 2016 | Color | 82’ | Taiwanese (Min Nan), Mandarin

30 key Taiwanese filmmakers – including HOU Hsiao-hsien, TSAI Ming-liang, Midi Z, LEE Lieh, WEI Te-sheng, Leon DAI, Sylvia CHANG, LIM Giong, Doze NIU Chen-zer, Tom Shu-yu LIN – talk about what it is like to make films in Taiwan nowadays, how they are profoundly affected by New Taiwan Cinema, and how hard some of them try to escape from it by making totally different kinds of films.

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