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HOME, WHEREVER - 6th Taiwan Film Festival Berlin 29. Sep - 8. Oct 2023

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Background Taiwan Film Festival Berlin is one of the largest Asian film festivals in Europe, which focuses on promoting Taiwanese films and fostering cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Germany. Organised by Impression Taiwan e.V. since its official establishment in Germany in 2017, the curation team has been working on this annual festival for six consecutive years. In the past five years, the festival has reinforced and refreshed the ideas of diversity in Taiwanese films for the audience in Germany.

Motive This year, in response to the Ukraine war, reflections on various natural and man-made disasters, we would like to introduce the theme for 2023, Home, Wherever. Whether influenced by the waves of globalization or the wrath of natural and man-made disasters, human migration has become the new norm. As we all know, Germany is the second biggest immigration country in the world. The Ukraine war has brought vast numbers of refugees to Germany, and Berlin has taken the greatest numbers. As such impacts on society are apparent in people’s daily lives, the issue of home has been brought to the forefront of many people's minds. In the midst of departures and returns, the issue of "home" emerges, prompting us to ponder its meaning. By presenting the rich tapestry of family dynamics and diverse narratives of family life across different cultures in Taiwan, we aspire to provide new possibilities and a sense of support for those in search of a place to call home.

Themes The central theme of Taiwan Film Festival Berlin 2023, as represented by Home, Wherever delves into three sub-themes: Pursuit, Challenge, and Recall, each representing different stages and situations individuals may encounter throughout their lives. With the selected repertoire of 8 films, they endeavor to explore the intricate facets of family life and the multifaceted nature of the concept of home.

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