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26th April 2024Taiwan Film Festival Berlin Documentaries: Professions #TffbDoc.Professions

Updated: Apr 25

With the great sponsorship of the TAIWAN FILM & AUDIOVISUAL INSTITUTE and TAIWAN DOCS (Taiwan documentary overseas promotion project), and the support of the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and the Taipei Representative Office in Germany, we are excited to announce the 1st Taiwan Film Festival Berlin Documentaries: Professions will launch on the 26th April 2024 at Kino Central Berlin.

1st TFFB Documentaries: Professions

This spring the Impression Taiwan e.V will hold its first Documentary Film Festival. Under the theme “Professions,“ we aim to bring an audiovisual record of Taiwan's history of industrial development to the international stage. Together with TAIWAN DOCS nine long-form and four short-form documentaries have been carefully selected and will be shown for the first time in Berlin. The Screenings include a special selection from the series "The Portrait of Hundred Occupations“ (1986-1991), which was prominently featured in the 2022 edition of the Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival.
The festival not only aims to reflect the daily strife, dilemmas and pursuits of workers in modern day Taiwan but also tries to present a diverse collage of life stories, spanning multiple historical eras and industries. Throughout the festival, we hope to bring the unique historical struggles which inform the diversity and richness of Taiwanese industries closer to an international audience and convey both the opportunities and challenges Taiwanese workers face in their respective fields and historical settings. In addition to film screenings, we invite the audience to participate in activities such as workshops and online panel discussions with the directors after the screenings.

About Impression Taiwan e.V.   

Established in 2017 in Berlin, Germany, Impression Taiwan ( is an NGO with the aim of promoting Taiwanese cinema and culture. We achieve this through our annual event, the Taiwan Film Festival Berlin, as well as a wide range of artistic and cultural activities, and individual film screenings. Our dedicated volunteers, hailing from diverse backgrounds, different regions and countries, come together to showcase the rich tapestry of Taiwan culture in Berlin. Through the power of film, we strive to build a bridge between Taiwan and Germany, sharing the stories, diversity, and aesthetics of Taiwan with audiences worldwide. In the past six years, the festival has reinforced and refreshed the ideas of diversity in Taiwanese films for the audience in Germany.


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