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Listening Podcasts is Now on Trend: Selected Podcast about Taiwan

Since most of the companies have applied to work from home since 2020, people suddenly have more time to get alone with themselves. Stream films, series, and videos are now having a high peak in the market. “Podcast” is also having an explosive growth, podcasters created topics with a bubbly chatting style that makes us forget the social distancing. There’s also some podcast about Taiwan that we want to recommend to you:

Taiwancast: Link

“Taiwancast" is a very unique and interesting German-speaking podcast about Taiwan hosting by Mariano Glas ( and Klaus Bardenhagen ( Launched in September 2020, Taiwancast has now 14 episodes that cover the culture, travel spots, and political topics of Taiwan. They also invited people from Germany who work in Taiwan to talk about Taiwan through their eyes.

The Taiwan Take: Link

“The Taiwan Take” is an English-speaking current affairs interview show on Taiwan and its impact on the world. These are global issues, and this is The Taiwan Take.

Finalist for Best News Podcast at the Excellent Journalism Award (Taiwan, 2020).


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