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Short Film Open Call - 2024 Taiwan Film Festival Berlin

Updated: 4 days ago

The Taiwan Film Festival Berlin (TFFB), organized by Impression Taiwan e.V. since its establishment in Germany in 2017, has consistently strengthened and revitalized the concept of diversity within Taiwanese cinema for audiences in Germany.

As one of Europe's premier Asian film festivals, TFFB is dedicated to showcasing Taiwanese cinema and facilitating cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Germany. Starting in 2024, TFFB will also extend its platform to include short and independent films produced in Taiwan or by Taiwanese filmmakers, further enriching its offerings and embracing the breadth of talent within the Taiwanese film industry.

For this pilot edition, we have decided to waive all submission fees to encourage maximum participation from Taiwanese filmmakers based in Europe.

Entry Fee Waiver Code: TFFB2024

This initiative demonstrates our commitment to supporting emerging talent and providing a platform for innovative voices in cinema.

Awards & Prizes

This new open session of the Taiwan Film Festival Berlin (TFFB) aims to provide indie Taiwanese filmmakers based in Europe, Taiwanese filmmakers interested in Europe, as well as European filmmakers interested in Taiwan with a unique platform.

This is an opportunity not only to showcase their exceptional work to audiences eager to learn about Taiwan, but also to foster networking among Taiwanese filmmakers and connect them with German and other European filmmakers interested in Taiwan.

We will select 8 short films to be screened over 2 days during the festival. Filmmakers will also be invited to participate in a Q&A panel after the screenings.

All selected short films will be celebrated as the year's best works and will receive the prestigious "Impression Taiwan - Young Talent" honor.

Rules & Terms

Regulations for Short Film Submission

The Taiwan Film Festival Berlin (TFFB) 2024 proudly announces the inaugural inclusion of short films with the following criteria:

  • Eligibility: Short films created by Taiwanese filmmakers (preferably in Europe) are eligible. Eligible filmmakers include directors, cinematographers, producers, and authors. Additionally, any short film produced or shot in Taiwan (no requirement for a Taiwanese crew or creator) that is related to Taiwan is also eligible.

  • Completion Date: Films must be completed before August 15, 2024 (submission deadline). Works-in-progress will not be accepted.

  • Film Types and Length: We welcome all types of films, including fiction, documentary, experimental, and animation. The total film length should be under 25 minutes (including all credits). Films previously submitted to any past editions, even with a new version or title, will not be accepted.

  • Premiere Status: No premiere status is required for submission.

  • Subtitles: If the entry is not in English, it must be accompanied by English subtitles. Subtitles in both Traditional Chinese and English are preferred.

  • Originality and Copyright: Films must be original works created by the entrants, who must also be the legal copyright holders.

Entry Deadlines :

  • Opening Date 01. Jul. 2024

  • Regular Deadline 15. Aug. 2024

  • Late Deadline 05. Sep. 2024


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